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 6 April 2005 - Groxis utilises WebRenderer to enhance the Grokker information visualization  engine


6th April 2005 - JadeLiquid Software(TM), the leading Java browser component provider, today announced that Groxis, Inc. will utilise its WebRenderer(TM) Java browser component within its Grokker Web search application.

As the universe of digital information continues to expand, locating and exploring information using traditional text-based search methods is becoming increasingly difficult. San Francisco-based Groxis, Inc. is a leader in developing the next wave of visual search products. The company's Grokker Desktop application retrieves thousands of search results from leading search engines, databases, premium content sources and e-commerce sites, and presents them in topically organized graphical maps that enable users to easily explore results, discover new topics and come to a deeper understanding of their subject than is possible with ranked lists of search results.

A key component of the Grokker application is its built-in browser window - enabled by JadeLiquid's WebRenderer - that allows users to simultaneously browse data and view the visual results map. WebRenderer gives Grokker the ability to embed a standards compliant browser inside of the Java application that runs the search and presentation layers of Grokker Desktop.
"WebRenderer has reduced our time to market, giving us a significant edge in the visual search space," said Groxis CEO R.J. Pittman. "And as we continue to refine the product and develop new features, we're finding WebRenderer to be extremely adaptable and extensible."

"WebRenderer continues to be the most accurate, standards compliant and robust Java browser component commercially available and Groxis� use is testament to this,� said Anthony Scotney, CEO of JadeLiquid Software. �It�s fitting that Groxis a technical pioneer in visual search technology chose WebRenderer an innovative technology leader in the Java browser space."

About JadeLiquid Software Pty Ltd
JadeLiquid Software Pty Ltd is a leading provider of Java rendering components for deployment within enterprise applications and web services. WebRenderer provides the ability to connect the client application to the server business logic without changing server code or infrastructure. WebRenderer is the only standards compliant Java web content rendering component commercially available. JadeLiquid has an installed base spanning the globe with deployments in Asia, Europe and North America.

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About Groxis
Founded in 2001, Groxis is a pioneer in visual search technology and the creator of the patented Graphical Information Interface (GII). The company�s Grokker product line includes Grokker Desktop, Enterprise Grokker, and Grokker EDU for the education market. A privately held company backed by leading venture investors, Groxis is based in San Francisco�s Financial District.

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