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 20 April 2007 - JadeLiquid Software announces the release of WebRenderer Swing Edition


JadeLiquid Software™ is pleased to announce the release of the WebRenderer™ Swing Edition. The WebRenderer Swing Edition is the world�s first Java™ browser SDK built upon Mozilla technologies (the same components as utilized by Firefox™ 1.5) and rendering in 100% pure Java Swing.

Through the WebRenderer Swing Edition, the rendering quality of Mozilla is paired with the lightweight drawing of Swing including support for Java Look and Feels (L&F), Swing dialogs and all Swing components. The WebRenderer Swing Edition architecture provides seamless integration into Swing applications with the web content rendering and standards compliance of Mozilla. No longer is there a great divide between Swing and real world commercial strength Web Content rendering.

�The WebRenderer Swing Edition will forever change the face of Java Swing applications and the rendering of web content within Java and could be one of the most significant Swing developments since Swing inception�, said Anthony Scotney, CEO of JadeLiquid Software.

WebRenderer continues to offer Java developers the most accurate, standards compliant and robust Java browser component technology. The Swing Edition is the accumulation of years of development effort working with key clients to drive the development of Java browser SDK�s to an entirely new level. Never before has there been a lightweight pure Swing Java browser SDK offering the standards compliance and rendering faithfulness of Mozilla.

The WebRenderer Swing Edition is the most standards compliant Java browser SDK commercially available supporting HTML 4.01, XHTML, SSL, JavaScript (including AJAX), CSS 1 & 2, XSL, XSLT, XML, W3C DOM, plugins and Java Applets.

The WebRenderer Swing Edition provides a framework to allow enterprise mash-ups utilizing Swing, AJAX and complex web content all within a Swing Desktop application.

The WebRenderer Swing Edition is a Java browser SDK based upon the native parsing and layout of the Mozilla engine. What this means is that web content is laid-out in a standards compliant manner delivering faithful rendering of all web content.

WebRenderer has driven the second generation and now the third generation of Java browser SDK�s by providing unmatched standards compliance, speed and rendering quality. The WebRenderer technology is once again on the cutting edge of accurate, standards compliant and robust web content display within Java applications.

A trial version of WebRenderer Swing Edition is available at www.webrenderer.com

About JadeLiquid Software
JadeLiquid Software established in 2002, is a leading provider of Java browser Software Development Kits for deployment within enterprise applications and web services. WebRenderer provides the ability to connect the client application to the server business logic without changing server code or infrastructure. WebRenderer is the market leading standards compliant Java web browser SDK. JadeLiquid has an installed base spanning the globe with deployments numbering in the millions in North America, Europe and Asia.
For more information on WebRenderer visit www.webrenderer.com





Millions of deployments and counting.. Users of JadeLiquid's tools can be found in every corner of the Earth




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