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 23 May 2005 - JadeLiquid(TM) aids in Content Discovery with Intelliseek's Enterprise Discovery Suite


JadeLiquid Software, a leading Java component provider, today announced that Intelliseek Inc would utilise its WebRenderer(TM) Java(TM) component in its Enterprise Discovery Suite. Cincinnati-based Intelliseek provides technology solutions that help organizations derive intelligence from numerous unstructured data sources, including vast amounts of unstructured data in multiple, disparate sources, and the growing amount of consumer-generated media (CGM) found within internal CRM systems and online discussion forums, message boards, review sites and blogs.

Intelliseek used JadeLiquid's WebRenderer software to embed a Java-based Internet browser, capable of handling multiple operating systems and platforms, into its Enterprise Discovery Suite. Intelliseek's Enterprise Discovery Suite is a content discovery solution that helps users search, organize and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data, regardless of format, source or language.

Bill Miller, Team Lead, EDS Product at Intelliseek, comments that "WebRenderer was the only product on the market that provided the robust, cross-platform browsing features we needed."

WebRenderer is available in the new version of the suite's Standard Broker Editor, an easy-to-use tool that helps users configure and connect to the sources they want to search.

About JadeLiquid Software Pty Ltd
JadeLiquid Software Pty Ltd is a leading provider of Java rendering components for deployment within enterprise applications and web services. WebRenderer provides the ability to connect the client application to the server business logic without changing server code or infrastructure. WebRenderer is the only standards compliant Java web content rendering component commercially available. JadeLiquid has an installed base spanning the globe with deployments in Asia, Europe and North America.

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