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 20 October 2005 - WebRenderer Server Edition beta release announced
Introducing headless server Java web content rendering


20 October 2005 - JadeLiquid Software(TM) is pleased to announce the beta release of WebRenderer Server Edition(TM), the leading Java browser component. WebRenderer Server Edition development has been driven by overwhelming demand for a standards compliant Java browser component that runs in headless server environments without the requirement for a GUI.

JadeLiquid continues to offer customers the most accurate, standards compliant and robust Java browser component technology commercially available. The WebRenderer Server Edition allows for headless rendering of web-content across multiple platforms without the requirement for a GUI such as XWindows. WebRenderer Server Edition does not require any graphics resource or Java Swing or AWT support.

WebRenderer Server Edition can be utilized in server side automation including automated unit testing of web services, HTML to bitmap conversion, automated report printing, thumbnail generation and web transaction verification.

The WebRenderer Java browser component tightly integrates into any Java Server or Desktop application and provides standards compliant rendering of web content across multiple platforms. WebRenderer being the most standards compliant Java browser component supports HTML 4.01, SSL, JavaScript, CSS 1 & 2, XSL, XSLT, XML, DOM etc.

WebRenderer allows for the creation of HTML/XML/Web-content centric Java applications by providing both client-side and server-side web content rendering for J2EE and web infrastructure driven back-ends.

WebRenderer is deployed within Government agencies and Commercial organizations spanning the globe. WebRenderer is used within Java applications in a variety of industry sectors including the Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defence and Finance industries.

WebRenderer is limitless in its versatility and opens new realms for Java web content viewing.

A 30day trial version of WebRenderer Server Edition is available at www.webrenderer.com

About JadeLiquid Software Pty Ltd
JadeLiquid Software Pty Ltd is a leading provider of Java rendering components for deployment within enterprise applications and web services. WebRenderer provides the ability to connect the client application to the server business logic without changing server code or infrastructure. WebRenderer is the only standards compliant Java web content rendering component commercially available. JadeLiquid has an installed base spanning the globe with deployments in Asia, Europe and North America.

To download a trial version of WebRenderer visit





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