WebRenderer provides quality web content rendering in Java on Linux

HOBART - 19th September - JadeLiquid Software, a leading Java component provider today announced the availability of its WebRenderer Java component optimised for Linux-based operating systems. Following the success of the Windows optimised version, which brought efficient, standards compliant, web content rendering to the Java language this release provides Linux programmers with the same functionality.

Hobart, September 19 2003--Support for web standards, speed and security are the three elements that best characterise WebRenderer, a Java web content and multimedia-rendering component.

Through WebRenderer, Java development teams are provided with a world-class web content rendering engine.

Anthony Scotney, the Chief Technical Officer of JadeLiquid Software, comments that �WebRenderer has received positive feedback and endorsement from the Java community due to its fast, robust, standards-compliant, web content and multimedia rendering.�

WebRenderer supports a complete DOM tree allowing access to HTML page elements �on-the-fly�. Standards supported include HTML 4.01, Javascript, CSS 1, 2 & 3, XSL, XSLT, SSL, XML, many multimedia formats and more.

The new release of WebRenderer is compact in size offering extended deployment options. WebRenderer is deployable in Java Applets through the standard security model and supports deployment via Java WebStart.
WebRenderer facilitates dynamic Java interfaces that can be updated and manipulated after deployment, allowing companies the opportunity to easily adjust their interface to reflect company software direction or industry trends.

WebRenderer is limitless in its versatility and opens new realms for Java Graphical User Interface development and Java application front ends.

To download a trial version of WebRenderer visit www.webrenderer.com.

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