Application deployment







WebRenderer deploys as any normal Java component through the usual mechanisms of adding the JAR files to the Java classpath.

Example WebRenderer Enterprise - Mozilla (windows):

java -cp webrenderer.jar; webrenderer-xxx.jar; corecomponents-xxx.jar;. TestBrowser

Example WebRenderer Enterprise (Linux/Solaris/OSX):

java -cp webrenderer.jar: webrenderer-xxx.jar: corecomponents-xxx.jar:. TestBrowser

WebRenderer Micro does not require the corecomponents-xxx.jar. The Micro version is self-contained with only one platform optimized JAR file, webrenderer-xxx.jar.

Example WebRenderer Micro

java -cp webrenderer.jar; webrenderer-xxx.jar;. TestBrowser

The webrenderer-xxx.jar does not have to be placed in the classpath provided it is located in the directory from which the application was run from.

Please note: the "xxx" listed in the examples above refers to the platform.



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