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On startup, the WebRenderer Server Edition code scans the default fonts folder of the system.   If a particular font is not available on the system, successively less restrictive fallback options are in place so that a 'close as possible' font is chosen for rendering.

Adding Fonts

When rendering text strings, the renderer selects the most appropriate font available. Font choice is based upon language, face name, and style (bold/italic). More particularly, the renderer attempts to guarantee that all glyphs (character shapes) that it renders are available (defined) in the font it uses for rendering.

Default fonts are used when no other suitable font can be found. To add additional fonts, either place them in existing font directories, or add new directories to the search path for fonts. To add additional directories, call the folowing:

BrowserFactory.addFontSearchDirectory(File fontDir)

Missing Characters

Some web pages may use font characters that do not exist in any font available on the server. In this case
WebRenderer Server Edition will use the default fonts.

Some web pages do not specify the font or character encoding. In the case where a Unicode character appears in the HTML content, but that character is not available in the currently selected character set, WebRenderer Server Edition will scan all fonts in an attempt to find a font that contains the required character.

In all cases, where a font has not been found that matches the selection criteria, WebRenderer Server Edition reverts to the default font.


WebRenderer Server Edition incorporates an intelligent font renderer that will, if necessary, render italic and bold variants of existing glyphs1 in any language, even if these style variants are not available in any font on the system.

Font Rendering Patents

Apple Computer owns three patents that are related to the processing of glyph outlines within TrueType fonts. To ensure that FreeType 2 does not infringe patents, the FreeType 2 system uses an "auto-hinting" module for glyph rendering that is specifically designed to completely ignore the TrueType bytecodes. This issue is clarified on the
FreeType & Patents page. WebRenderer Server Edition uses this auto-hinting module for glyph rendering via FreeType 2, to avoid patent issues.

Note: WebRenderer Server Edition's font rendering is based in part on the work of the FreeType Team.



1. glyph - A character/letter shape in a font.



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