WebRenderer: License dialog







License dialog (Expired license key)






When the WebRenderer license key expires (the trial download has a 30 day key), functionality within WebRenderer Server Edition such as some Events are disabled and a license message will be rendered. The purpose of the license message rendering is to notify the user that the trial has expired and some WebRenderer functionality will be disabled within your application. If you require additional time to complete your trial of WebRenderer please contact us and we will provide you with an extended trial license key.






Note: License keys for the Desktop Edition of WebRenderer are not interchangeable with license keys for the WebRenderer Server Edition.












Example of setting the license data:






// The username for the 30 day trial
String username = "30dtrial";
// Replace with the serial found in the main TestBrowser.java (found in the root directory of the SDK)
String serial = "";

BrowserFactory.setLicenseData(username, serial);



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