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When loadURL is called, it is possible for either the server (directly) or the loaded page (indirectly) to cause a page redirection to a different URL.
  In the case where the server causes a page redirection, no onDocumentComplete event is generated until the page to which the redirection has happened has completed loading.  In the case where a loaded page itself causes a redirection (for example, the following HTML tag causes an immediate reload of another page)..

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=�redirecttothispage.html�>

wo onDocumentComplete events are received.  One is for the original page containing the redirection tag (which is correct, as a document has been loaded), and another for the page to which redirection has occurred (when it completes loading).  Pages may also redirect via other methods.  When using the onDocumentComplete event for triggering a savePageToBitmapImage, you will need to cater for the possibility of multiple page loads as described above by either saving to different image names, or by at least being aware that the first document image saved will show the content of the redirecting page (which may be blank).

Active Content

WebRenderer Server Edition is designed to create static rendered images and thumbnails of web pages. Some pages have dynamic content (such as Flash animations, plug-in applets, and animating GIF files -- and even sound!). Clearly it is not expected that these are to be rendered to an image; the best we can do is choose reasonable behaviour. Animating GIF files will render the first image in the animation sequence. All other active content is ignored.

Stealthy Redirection & Frames

Some websites use 'stealth' redirection to mask the URL of page content by including a link to the actual content URL inside a single frame.
WebRenderer Server Edition may render this sort of page with a visible scrollbar. To avoid this situation, use the page URL to which the stealth redirection is pointing instead of the stealthy page.






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