Sample application







A sample application displaying use of the WebRenderer Server Edition is provided in the package as 'TestBrowser.java'.  This application will load page URLs entered into the text field, and display the rendered image when the onDocumentComplete event fires. 

The sample applications included within the WebRenderer Server Edition package are as follows:

 - TestBrowser.java
 Demonstrating use of WebRenderer Server Edition to generate an image of an entire website from a specified URL.

 - PendingRequest.java
 Demonstrating how to render page content that is generated after the page has loaded.

 - RenderPageList.java
 This example shows a list of URLs being saved to individual images.

 - ScaleTestBrowser.java
 Demonstrating the scaling functionality on images using WebRenderer Server Edition.

 - SimpleHTMLApplication.java
 Demonstrating the use of WebRenderer Server Edition to save a rendered page image to a file on disk.

 - SizeScaleBrowser.java
 Demonstrating changing the size and scale of a generated image from a browser using WebRenderer Server Edition.

 - ThumbnailTester.java
 Demonstrating thumbnail generation using WebRenderer Server Edition.






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