WebRenderer Server Edition Developers Guide



WebRenderer Server Edition: Introduction






About this guide



Standards and Platform support



WebRenderer SDK contents



License dialog (Expired license key)





Introduction to the WebRenderer API






Package structure



Creating and using a WebRenderer browser instance





Server Edition specific information






Creating and initializing the Headless Server



Flow of Control



Prompt Dialogs



Rendered Image Size (Page Size)



Thumbnail and scaled image generation



Font Support



DOM Modification



Page Redirections / Blank images (rendering) / Active content



Pending Requests (such as Ajax pages)



Performance Threading methods such as invoke






Memory Requirements and considerations



Shutting down the Server Edition



Known Issues



Sample Code





WebRenderer Architecture






Threads and WebRenderer



Events (blocking events)



When to call WebRenderer DOM methods





Deploying WebRenderer









Java WebStart



In a Tomcat container





Network connectivity, browser activity and custom protocol support






Capturing network activity and browser activity



Custom protocol support





Hints and tips






Third-party plugin usage



Additional example code






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