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WebRenderer has been licensed to many organisations throughout the world. Large organisations such as the US Department of Defence and the European Space Agency have deployed WebRenderer. WebRenderer is also in use by many small companies. WebRenderer is used within Java applications in a variety of industry sectors including the Semiconductor,  Aerospace, Defence, Finance, Government and Health industries.


 Selected deployed clients




Axcellis Technologies (ACLS - NASDAQ)



Axcelis is a leading producer of ion implantation equipment used in the fabrication of semiconductors. Axcellis is a Nasdaq listed company. See www.axcelis.com for more information.






Battelle is a non-profit organisation of scientists based in the United States of America. Battelle employs 16,000 scientists conducting $2.7billion in annual research and development. Battelle invented devices such as the office copier machine and compact disc technology. See www.battelle.com for more information.



Cisco Systems



Cisco is the world leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco has more than 66,000 employees world wide and revenues of ~46 billion in 2011. Cisco products power much of the infrastructure that drives the networked world. See www.cisco.com for more information.



Encyclopaedia Britannica



Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. has been a leader in reference and education publishing since 1768. The company is known for the 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica and its pioneering work in electronic publishing. See www.eb.com for more information.



European Patent Office



Responsible for the evaluation and registration of Patents throughout Europe. The European Patent Office was established in 1973. The EPO has 27 member countries throughout Europe. See www.epo.org for more information.



European Space Agency



The ESA (European Space Agency) is headquarted in Paris, France. The ESA is made up of 15 member countries across Europe including the United Kingdom. With a total budget of 2.8 Billion Euros, the ESA is responsible for the shaping of Europes Space capability. www.esa.int






Huawei Technologies headquartered in Shenzhen, China is one of the worlds largest telecommunications and networking companies. Huawei has over 140,000 employees and global annual revenues of over US$32 billion. For more information see: www.huawei.com



Northrop Grumman



Northrop Grumman is one of the worlds largest aerospace and defence suppliers with headquarters in Los Angeles California. Northrop employs over 125,000 staff in 25 countries. For more information see www.ngc.com



Thales  (THALES - Paris Stock Exchange - Euronext)


Thales (THALES) is an industry giant with 65,000 employees in 30 countries and annual revenues in excess of 19 billion Euros. Thales is a world leader in Aerospace, Defence,
and Information Technology markets worldwide. See www.thalesgroup.com for more information.


Millions of deployments and counting.. Users of JadeLiquid's tools can be found in every corner of the Earth




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